A Personal Note from John Mauldin

Dear Friend,

To help establish our relationship and make my investment ideas available to you, I work exclusively with Altegris Investments in the United States.

Why Altegris? I have a great deal of trust and respect for Jon Sundt, who is the President and CEO of Altegris along with his team of over 85 professionals. In my opinion, they are one of the most experienced leaders in the alternative investment industry. In fact, their credo says it all—“Customers deserve and demand access to the best alternative investment managers in the industry.”

Get started now by registering below and one of the Altegris representatives will call and qualify you to join the Mauldin Circle.


John Mauldin | President, Millennium Wave Investments

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By entering your information into this subscription form, you will be providing it to John Mauldin (a registered representative of the Millennium Wave Securities, LLC), Millennium Wave Investments and Altegris Investments. As is discussed in more detail under 'How Does It Work?', Altegris is a broker dealer that will call you and based on the information you provide, begin to qualify you so that they can show you some of the alternative investment products they offer. Your privacy is important to us. For details, please click through to the Millennium Wave Investments and Altegris Investments privacy policies at the bottom of this page.

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