Dear Reader,

I did something I have never done before.

I was supposed to write and then announce the latest edition of the Accredited Investor E-Letter that went out last week. These letters continue to benefit my accredited readers in education and their economic outlooks.

Well, I did more. In that letter, I gave exclusive access to a unique speech by Louis Gave of Gave-Kal research via audio stream. This particular speech was at our 3rd Annual Strategic Investment Conference in La Jolla this year.

I have never released a speech given there, and the only people who have listened are the lucky accredited investors who attended the conference and those that received last week's Accredited Investor E-Letter.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if you believe you qualify as an accredited investor (generally greater than a net worth of $1,500,000) but have not registered to receive my Accredited Investor E-Letter, you can get this special edition of the letter with the Louis Gave audio.

Go ahead, do it now:

(If you are not yet an accredited investor, don't worry. I have something special in the works just for you that I will announce very soon!)

If you are sure you have registered for my Accredited Investor E-Letter before but haven't received this latest edition with the exclusive Louis-Gave link choose one of the options below:

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Non-US Citizens: You can now receive the letters too. We have recently incorporated new forms and disclosures with our international partners. Go ahead and fill these new forms out. If you qualify, our partner's will send you the latest edition and the link to the speech.

Your always trying to do more than expected analyst,

John F. Mauldin

PS. Please note the risks that are highlighted on both the website and below. In this regard, I am president and a registered representative of Millennium Wave Securities, LLC.